Year 2004 has brought the new era in the field of sports in our college. The sports committee was constructed in the very begining of session. The committee was build under the supervision of principal Dr. Harendra Kumar & Chief Proctor Dr. B.S. Yadav. Dr M.K. Yadav was again given the charge of sports department alongiwth Dr. Shiv Raj Singh and Dr. Ruchi Goel from Mathematics department, Dr. R.B. Singh, Head of the Statistics department, Dr. Deepali Jain from Chemistry and Dr. Bindu Sharma from Zoology department.


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Under this committee the seeds were sown for the uplifment of the sports standards at University & higher levels. Due to hard work and firm determination of the members of sports committee and sports persons of the college, our college was able to leave the great impact in the field of sports at University level. Many of our players have been selected for being in University squad for the year 2004-05.

In Table tennis our college team in the cataincy of Devneet Singh Lamba have won the Inter-Collegiate Tournament and two of our players, Devneet Singh Lamba and Anshul Garg have represented University in North Zone Inter University tournament. In individual Intercollegiate Tournament, Anshul Garg won the championship.

In Basketball our team played well and two of our players named Sankit Dey and Manish Pandey were being selected in University Squad. In the Basketball women's, our team played well and one of our players Vijayata Sharma, represented University in North Zone Championship.

In shooting, Ashwani Bansal won Bronze in Inter collegiate and he further improved to get gold medal in All India University, playing from the Ch. Charan Singh University.

In Body Building, Mohnish Giri won the Gold Medal at Intercollegiate level and represented University. In the state championship, Mohnish Giri secured first position in body weight.

In Hockey, our team reached semifinals of Intercollegiate and one of our players, Himanshu represented University.

S No Games Participatedor Not Position Secured / Level Played Selection forUniversity Selection furtherand other achievement
1. Basket ball (M) Participated Quarter Final Two
2. Basket ball (W) Participated Quarter Final One
3. Hand ball (M) Participated Quarter Final One
4. Volley ball (M) Participated Quarter Final One
5. Foot ball (M) Participated Quarter Final One
6. Hockey (M) Participated Semi Final One
7. Kho-Kho (M) Participated Semi Final One
8. Kho-Kho (W) Participated Semi Final One
9. Cricket (M) Participated Quarter Final Two
10. Table Tennis (M) Participated Champtionship Ist Two Anshul Garg– State Level runner u.p. Nationals Silver Medal Intercollegiate Individual championship
11. Badminton (M) Participated Quarter Final One
12. Badminton (W) Participated Quarter Final One
13. Judo (M) Participated Quarter Final One
14. Body building (M) Participated Champions One Mohnish Giri– State Level Champion All India University– Bronze
15. Chess (M) Participated Champions One
16. Shooting (M) Participated Second One Ashwani Bansal–All India University— Gold Medalist

n sports, College has many games facilities like Basket ball Court, Badminton Indoor/ Outdoor Court, Hand ball & Volly ball Court, Gymanasium, Chess, Table Tennis, Hockey, Football, Kho-kho & Kabaddi etc. Out college participate in many intercolligrate tournaments viz Shooting, Basket ball, Hockey, Badminton, Hand ball, Volley ball, Chess, Table Tennis, Kho-kho, Football, Kabbadi, Power lifting & Body building tournaments etc.

Under dynamic leadership of Dr. M.K. Yadav Games Supdtt. And Games Committee members Dr. B.S. Yadav, Dr. Deepali Jain, Dr. S.C. Jain, Dr. R.B. Singh, Dr. Bindu Sharma, Dr. Shiv Raj and Dr. Ruchi Goel various achievements of College in sports are as, in session 2000-01, 01-02, 02-03, 03-04 Mr. Abhishek Kashayap represented University and North Zone , while Km. Anuradha Kashayap in 2002-03, 03-04 represented University and state. Mr. Mohnish Giri had been the member of University body building team in 02-03, 03-04, 04-05. In shooting Mr. Ashwani Bansal won Bronz medal at University level and in current session 04-05 won Gold Medal in all India University competition in Kho-kho Mr. Neeraj Kumar represented University and North Zone. Mr. Kamal Vashisth won Gold Medal in U.P. State badminton competition, also selected in C.C.S. University badminton team. Km. Vijayta Sharma in team member of C.C.S. University Basket ball women and U.P. State Basket ball (Women) team. Table tennis team is the proud of college in last many years it had been at may top position at University and state competitions in the current year our college team won individual and team championship at inter colleges level. Two players of our college have been selected in University Hockey team in participated in inter university competition.