Objective of higher education is to maintain academic excellence and discipline as well as to develop the personalities of students by encouraging them to participate in non-academic healthy activities.


One of the important extra-curricular activities of the college is Rovers/Rangers activity. Under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Nidhi Sharma (Lecturer, Eco.) and Dr. B.K. Agarwal (Lecturer, Commerce),and Dr. Deepali jain of (Chemistry Depertamant)two terms of Rovers/Rangers were organized during 2008-2009. college Rovers/Rangers thuit is a registered unit. Instructor from district scont and guide office visits once in two monthes to give necessary guide lines and directions to the Rovers/Rangers.

During the year 2008-09, a three days day camp was organized. In this camp 24 boys and 18 girls participated. The main activities held were Rovers-Rangers activities (March past, knot malning, first aid fire-fighting and various physical exercises) and cultural activities. Cultural activities include essay writing, General knowledge quiz, poster malning, Rangoli maling, issue based plays and several other programmes. Such expercises help to inculcete the feelings of self-confidence and social responsibility among cadets.

Rover/Ranger programme also improves the personality of students as well as brings their latent talent out. It develops a community feeling and spirit of co-operation among students.