National Service Secheme

National Service Scheme  (NSS) is an Indian government sponsored programme under the ministry of
youth affairs and sports, GOI. It was started in 1969.


After independence, the University Grand Commission headed by Dr. S. Radhakrishna, recommended
introduction of national service in the academic institution on a voluntary basis. This idea was again consid-
ered by central advisory board of education (CABE) in January 1950. In 1958, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in his
letters to chief ministers mooted the idea of having social service as prerequisite for graduation.
In 1959,a draft outline of this schema was placed before the conference of the education minister of
states. The conference agreed upon the urgent need for trying out a workable schema for national service. As
A result, national service committee was appointed under the chairmanship of Dr. C.D. Deshmukh on 28
August, 1959 to make concrete suggestion in this direction.

In 1960 government of India appointed K.G. Saiyiddin to study how the national service by student
implemented in the country. Later, the education commission headed by Dr.D.S.Kothari (1964-66) recom-
mended that the student at every stage of education should be associated with some form of social services.
This was taken into account by the education minister of states during their conference in April 1967 and they
recommended that the student at the university stage could join the national service scheme (NSS).

In May 1969, a conference of students Representative of the universities and institutions of higher
education convened by ministry of education and the university grand commission also unanimously opined
that the National Service Scheme could be a powerful instrument for national integration. On 24 September
1969,then union Education Minister D.V.K.R.V. Rao launch National Service Scheme in 37 universities
covers all states and also covers +2 learning institutions in many states.

Motto of NSS

The motto of National Service Scheme (NSS) is "not me but you". This express the essence of
democratic living and upholds need for selfless services and appreciation of another man's point of view and
also show consideration for fellow human being . It underlines the welfare of an individual is ultimately depend
on the welfare of the society as a whole.

Aim of NSS
This programme is to inoculate the social welfare thoughts in the students and to provide service to their
society without any prejudice. Prejudices volunteers work hard day and night to ensure that every one in our society
with is needy gets every positive helps from then so that they can also enhance their standards and lead a life
dignity society with all of us. In doing so, the volunteers themselves learn a lot from the people in villages like
how to struggle and how to lead a happy life in the extreme scarcity of resources and so on.Another aim is to
personality development of NSS volunteers through social service.


Most of government and Government Aided Institution, both schools and colleges have NSS unit
comprising volunteers. Even the private Institution,are encouraged to have NSS volunteers.A unit may
typically count 50-100 students.They are managed internally by a responsibility from school or college who
reports to the regional NSS-Co-ordinate.

Activities to be undertaken

To meet with the aim of NSS the entire activities has been split into two parts. First regular activities and
second is special camping programme.

Regular Activities: NSS volunteers generally work with village,slums and voluntary agencies to complete
120 hours of regular activities during an academic year.As per fundamental principles of National Service
Scheme,a volunteer is expected to remain in constant touch with the community .Hence, it is of vital impor-
tance that a particular a village/slum is selected for implementation of NSS programme.

Special Comping Programme: Special complain form an integral part of National service Scheme. It has
special appeal to youth as it provides unique opportunities to the students for group living,collective experiences
sharing and interaction with community. It is organized of various development issues of National importance.

Action Plan

1.Registration of 100 students per unit as a NSS volunteer.

2.Adoption of villages.

3. Regular Activities.

4.Organization Special Camp.

5.Closing Ceremony.

6.Reporting of Activities undertaken in Regular and Special Camp Activities.

NSS in college

National Service Schema in our college started in about 1980 but it geared up in 2001 when Dr. A.K.Shukla
was given responsibility of it. Now, there are three NSS units in the college comprising of 300 volunteers.Dr.R.
B.Singh,Dr.B.S.Yadav And Dr.S.K.Agralwal are the programme officers of unit list, IId and IIIrd respectively.

Activities Undertaken in Regular Activities During the Session 2011-2012:The following activities had
been done during the session.

1.Traffic Week: In the mounth of september a seminar was organised to make the students of the college
knowledgeable about traffic rules. Dr.B.P.Ashok, SP city, Meerut,was the chief speaker. The seminar was
organised under the chairmanship of Dr.Triveni Dutt, Principle of the college.

2.Communal Harmony Week:Communal Harmony week was celebrate don 22nd Now., 2011

3.Rally on AIDS Day :On AIDS day (1st December,2012) a rally was organised for public awareness.

4.Rally on Water conservation and Safe Drinking Water : On December ,22nd a rally to aware the dwell-
of adopted village ,regarding importance of water conservation and safe drinking water, was organised.

5.Blood Donation Rally : on Jan, 10th 2012 a rally to motivate the people for blood donation was organised
and there after 52 students registered for blood donation and 10 units of blood were donated in District Hospital

6.Youth Day: On youth day one day workshop entitled "Jal Sammelean " was organised in the college audiyo-
rium under the chairmanship of Dr. Trivent Dutt, principle of the college. Mr.Arun Tiwari, National Convenor of
JalBiradari, was the Chief Guest.

7. Suniyojit Matdata Shiksha Avam Niravachan Sahbhagita Yojna(SVEEP): To aware the voters various
programmes (listed below) to cast their vote compulsorily and free from any type of election abuses like
cast ism, communal ism etc. were organised:
(i)Rally on 16-01-12(ii)Candle March on 20-1-12(iii)Run on 21-01-12(iv)Quiz Competition on 23-01-12,(v)
Nukkad Natak (iv)Different culture activities and Ont ceremony for face Election on 26-01-12.

Activities Undertaken in Special Camp: Seven days special camp(day-night) from 16th to 22 nd, was
organised in adopted village Kahadauli and the following activities were undertaken:

1.Inauguration of the camp by the principle of the college and social worker Smt .Rajbala Saini.

2.Rally on AIDS awareness , water conservation , literacy campaign, safe drinking water ,environment,
voter awareness campaign.

3. Sharamdan: Cleanliness of server drainage, streets of village.

4.Motivate parents to send their wards to school. After motivate three parent send their wards to school.

5. Thirty  samples of water of the village were tested for the fluoride level. Fluoride level is supposed to be
one of the causes of cancer.

6.Drawing Competition on Environment.

7. Lectures on different topics by distinguished guests.

8.Plantation Ball Competition.

9. Volley Ball Competition.

10. Caltural Activities (songs & dance)

11.Closing Ceremony: Activities undertaken during the camp were put before the Chief Guest,Dr. Ttiveni
Dutt,Principle of the college and thereafter some & dance were performed by the NSS students.
The Closing Ceremony ended with blessing words of the Chief Guest.

After finishing the entire activites of the session progress report of both regular activities & special camp
activities had been submitted to NSS co-coordinator of university.


Dr. R.B. Singh

Programme Office (Unit 1)

Dr. B.S. Yadav
Programme Office (Unit 11)

Dr. S.K. Agarwal
Progamme Office (Unit 111)