English Department

In 2001, with efforts of Honourable Seth Dayanand Gupta, The Honorary secretary  of D.N. College Managing Committee, the postgraduate department came into existence. Dr. Poonam Swami is present Head of Depatment.


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The English Department aims to provide an exceptional eduction in English literature and culture. It does this in several ways. First, our four semester program offer a comprehensive analytical and historical approach to reading and writing. Postgraduates, who earn an M A degree from here will emerge with a thorough understanding of the English literary heritage as well as the ability to think, argue, and write well about questions of language, meaning, evidence, from, rhetoric, historical context, and aesthetic desire. The skills learned in the English Department classroom thus provide an essential foundation for careers in law, business, government, education, finance, and media. The department's commitment to its students has been recognized with numerous teaching awards.

Second, the department is intensively engaged in original research on both literature and cluture, and represents a diverse and dynamic model of scholarly activity for its students. The department's scholarship has earned national and international recognition. Students who work with these and equally accomplished faculty members will be taken on an intellectual adventure that can be found in few other departments. The Department invites all students interested in expanding their intellectual horizons and honing their practical skills in reading and writing. Students remain indulge in different academic  activates throughout the year ie. Student seminars, debates, group discussions, quiz and tours etc.


At present, there are three faculty member in department.

  1.       Dr. Poonam Swami (Head of Department)
  2.       Dr. Ankita Jain
  3.       Mr. Anuj Bawara


  • Well equipped Library
  • One Language  Laboratory
  • Broadband Internet facility
  • Modern Classroom facility

Our Achievements

With our extreme hundred percent result oriented approach, our students are among the top in nerit list. In year 2010 Syed Yasir Ali and in year 2012 students Anuj Bawara and Alisha Faridi the 1st  and 3rd merit holders of university were from our department. Even in past years also, our students had been among the top in merit list. The students pass out from here with reputed job opportunities waiting for them. Under the able guidance of Dr. Alka Rastogi, many students have achieved Ph.D. in previous years.

Seminars Organized

Department of English regularly conduct the seminar on latest topics.

  • In 2007, the department organized the seminar on the topic "The Influence of History on English Literature".
  • In 2009, UGC sponsored seminar on theme "Eastern and Western Thinking".
  • In 2011, National seminar organized on topic "Feminism and Post Modern Women Novelist in English"
  • In 2012, National was seminar organized on topic " Indian English Literature: A Review"

Every year Faculty use to participate and present papers in the seminars and conferences on regular basis and updated themselves with relevant topics. Their papers are also published in prestigious journals.


A Book "Exploration in Aesthetics" was published by Dr. Alka Rastogi in 2012, ISBN-978-81-7625-5