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From 1973 to 1978

The faculty of Commerce was started here in 1973 with only thirty students. The credit of the growth of the faculty of Commerce and Business Administration goes to Dr. M. R. Bansal. During its infancy, the rate of growth of the faculty was tremendous. This resulted that the number of students reached up to 800 and the number of teachers up to 11 during this period. The popularity of the faculty among the society attracted the students to join this college. The teachers of this faculty started to write textbooks on different subjects both in Hindi and English languages during this era. They also participated in extracurricular activities of the college like discipline, NSS, Games & Sports etc.

From 1979 to 1984

The expansion of faculty of Commerce and Business Administration took place with the start of M.Com. Classes in 1979 and also the number of teachers in the faculty increased upto 13. The first degree of Ph.D. was awarded to Dr. M. L. Agarwal in 1981. Apart Dr. M. R. Bansal, the University Grants Commission granted minor research projects to Dr. V.M. Saxena, Dr. R.S. Garg and Dr. M.L. Agarwal on different subjects during this era. The Degree of Ph.D. was also awarded to Dr. V.M. Saxena in 1983 and to Dr. R.S. Garg, Dr. R. K. Rastogi, Dr. Sudhir Kumar in 1984. Dr.A.K. Sharma was commissioned as II Lieutenant of N.C.C. in the college.

P.G. Forum for Management studies was started in the faculty and various seminars, workshops and symposiums were organized under this banner for the overall development of the students in the faculty. A number of students got places in the merit list of the faculty declared by the university. The students and the teachers of the faculty participated in extracurricular activities organized by the college and the University.

 From 1985 to 1990

During this period the degree of Ph.D. was awarded to Dr. A.K. Sharma, Dr. P.N. Singhal, Dr. D.R. Yadav, Dr. R.K. Singhal, Dr. Sudhir Kumar II, Dr. S.K. Agarwal. And, Dr. Sudhir Kumar I. The U.G.C. approved minor research projects to Dr. D.R. Yadav and to Dr. R.K. Singhal during this period.

The faculty members of the department participated in national seminar held in S.S.V. College, Hapur and produced their research papers. Dr. M.R. Bansal, Dr. V.M. Saxena, Dr. R.S. Garg, Dr. A.K. Sharma Dr. Sudhir Kumar I and Dr. P.K. Saxena had produced their research papers in the national seminar held in Jammu in 1989. During this period the activities of P.G. Forum for Management Studies were taken places regularly and the students of the faculty got places in the merit list of the University. One of the major achievement of the faculty during this period was that the Degree of D.Litt. was award to Dr. M.R. Bansal, the then Head of the department, from C.C.S. University Meerut.

From 1991 to 1996 

During this period, about 15 research scholars were awarded Ph.D. degree under the worthy guidance of faculty members. A number of Seminars, workshops and symposiums were organized during this era and the teachers and students took keen interest in them, which definitely improved the quality of education in the faculty. Also the evening classes were started in the faculty during this period, which proved helpful in accommodating the students searching for admission in the college. The teachers of the faculty showed a keen interest and took pains in running these classes in the faculty. Besides the above, a number of students regularly got places in merit lists declared by the university during this period of five years.

From 1997 to 2002

During this period, Dr. M. L. Agarwal completed a major research project and submitted its report to the U.G.C. well in time. During this period of five years the faculty made a tremendous progress and established milestones in the field of researches as a large number of students were involved in research activities under the able guidance of various faculty members. It is worth mentioning that 45 research scholars completed their research work and 6 students submitted their dissertations by the end of 2002. Besides this, the teachers and the students of faculty of commerce and Business Administration took keen interest in extracurricular activities of the College. N.C.C. In-charge Dr. (Major) Anil Kumar Sharma secured first place in the training of captainship at national level and second place in Major's training programme. The students of commerce went abroad under Youth Exchange Programme (YEP). Two students participated in National Parade of 26th January in Delhi. A University level Rover / Ranger's programme was organized in the College under the direction of Dr. M.L. Agarwal, Rover Leader and IGNOU centre was started in the College under the coordinatorship of Dr. S.K. Agarwal,

From 2003 to 2007

During this period a number of research scholars were awarded Ph. D. degree in Commerce by the University. Naturally this credit goes to the faculty members who took pains in guiding these research scholars and to the administration of the College who provided its whole-hearted cooperation to them in this direction. In the year 2003 a new faculty member Dr. B.K. Agarwal appointed by the Higher Education Commission, Allahabad. Dr. B. K. Agarwal has been an old and bright student of D.N College, Meerut.

The faculty members attended a number of national seminars organized by different colleges of the state during the period and produced their papers on different topics. Dr. R.S. Garg, Dr. P.K. Saxena & Dr. B.K. Agarwal presented their papers in the National Seminar held in Amroha. Also Dr. S.K. Gupta and Dr. S.K. Sharma participated in this seminar. Dr. M.L. Agarwal, Dr. P.K. Saxena, Dr. S.K. Agarwal and Dr. B.K. Agarwal presented their papers in the National Seminar held in Modinagar. Dr. R.S. Garg, Dr. P.K. Saxena and Dr. B.K. Agarwal attended the National Seminar held in Kanpur and presented their papers. Dr. Sudhir KumarII attended the National Seminaron IPR held in Agra as a resource person.

Dr. Sudhir KumarII was awarded with the degree of D.Litt. by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra in the year 2004. At present 80 research scholars are perusing their research work on different topics under the able guidance of Commerce faculty of D.N. College, Meerut. So far the academic results are concerned, the students of commerce faculty secured places in the University merit lists. This credit goes to faculty members.

During this period the faculty was equipped with computer facilities, projector and 4 research rooms, which naturally improved the quality of research work in the department and facilitated the teachers as well as research students to carry-on their research work more enthusiastically. Moreover, a large number of books were purchased to cope with the changed syllabus of different classes of Commerce and to promote research programmes in the department. Departmental Library was also established during this period.

2008 Onwords

During times period, there have been major additions in the history of commerce department.  Dr. Himanshu Agarwal joined the department through transfer from I.P. (P G) college, Bulandshahr in October, 2008. Dr. Himanshu Agarwal has been the product of this department and is very vibrant personality. Moreover; two learned facilities of the department have been selected as principal by the higher education service commission. It is a big credit to the department. During the period, the facility members have participated not only is national seminar but also in various international seminar and The department has published two ISBN bearing edited books on “e-marketing” (edited by Dr. Himanshu Agarwal) and impacted of Globalization on Indian economy (Edited by Dr. Yadav and Dr. (Maj) A.K. Sharma) . Dr. D.R. Yadav has completed 40 years of service in this department and retired as on june 30, 2013. In this period the Department is equipped with 6 advance computers, Photostat machine, 1 Laptop and LCD Projectors.

  • During 2008-2013, 40 students have been awarded Ph.D. Degree in the department.  One student Mr. Sarhind has been selected for President Award in Rovers activity in Sept. 2013.

  • Dr. Shiv Kumar Garg joined the department in Sept.2013 as PDF scholar from ICSSR under the Supervision of Dr. R.K. Singhal. Smt. Shivani Verma has joined the department as JRF, under the supervision of Dr. Sudhir Kumar II during 2012-2013.

  • Dr. (Mrs.) Shely Rastogi has joined the department as post-Doctoral Fellowship for Women (U.G.C.) under the supervision of Dr. S.K. Agarwal. Dr. Gajendra Kumar has joined as PDF under the Supervisor of Dr. R.K. Singhal.

  • Undoubtedly, the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration has its peculiar place in the field of Commerce education and research activities. At present the faculty is a well-known and well-reputed figure not only in district Meerut but also in the region as a whole, presently.