Statistics Department

Department of Statistics came into existence with the beginning of this August institution in 1958 with UG programme . Sh. Ram Nath Singh Tyagi was the founder lecturer appointed for  the department .He successfully runs the department till he got retirement form the service in 1999.


Department Faculty

In the beginning few students opted statistics as one subject at graduation  level but number of student increases in successive years. From July, 1991 to the joining of  Dr. Ram Bali Singh, the department was run by Dr. V.K Agarawal, Prof. In-charge, with  the help of tutors. In May 1999 DR. Ram Bali Singh, Selected  by Uttar Pradesh Higher Education Service Commission, Joined the department and there after in the same year Dr.Kishna Pal Singh joined and render his services to the department till the retirement in June, 2011

The department has Statistical laboratory-cum-lecture hall equipped with LCD projector, speaker, smarty screen, five computer, three printers and eighty two scientific calculators. The internet facility is also available to the staff and students of the department. Beside this safe and cold drinking water is available in department.

The faculty member has polished half dozen of research papers in international/national journals of repute and also attended dozen of  international seminars/conferences and presented research papers in many of them. The faculty member of the department used to deliver lectures in other departments of the college.

Now there are approximately two hundred students in the department at the graduation level. The faculty members work hard in teaching students and always keen to understand the problem of students in subject and sort out the problems through tutorial classes. Students used to produce excellent result in examination. Besides this students are always encouraged to participate in sports, social activities like blood donation, plantation, water conservation and also help them to choose best institutions for higher education.

The faculty members happily shoulder any assignment like NSS programmer Officer, Nodal Officer  Scholarship, care taker NCC etc, given by the college administration.

Ram Bali Singh
(M.SC. & Ph.D)
(Reader  & Head of Department)
Since July,2011 one post lecture is lying vacant.

SPECIAL AIM OF THE DEPARTMENT : The special aim of the department is to make students disciplined and well human being.